Bilateral Orbital Meningocele Without Frontoethmoidal Meningocephalocele: A Rare Presentation

Farheen Huda, Mariam Taufiq, Hatem Adel, Sohail Ahmed Khan, Amjad Sattar


Introduction: Bilateral orbital meningocele is a rare congenital abnormality. In our review, no case was reported
from Southeast Asia which has reported bilateral orbital meningocele with frontoethmoidal meningocephalocele.
Frontoethmoidal meningocephalocele has many extracranial manifestations out of which orbital meningocele
are one of them. In this study, we are reporting a case of a 4 years old male child presenting with bilateral
exophthalmos and gradual loss of vision bilaterally. He underwent CT and MRI that showed bilateral intraorbital,
extraconal mass lesions displacing the orbit. Cribriform plate was low lying with herniation of brain parenchyma
in frontal region anteriorly. These findings were later proved to be similar post operatively.


Orbital meningoencephalocele, cephalocele, meningocele.

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