Perception of Medical Students on Structured Viva Examination in an Integrated Undergraduate Curriculum at Ziauddin University

Anila Jaleel, Noreen Jaffrey



Exponential growth ofknowledge in the biomedical field has forced the medical educatorsfor a change from traditional to integrated curriculum and conventional assessment techniques to newerstructured techniques.


Survey of medical students' views about the Structured Viva Examination (SVE) in an integratedcurriculum.


Feedback forms of Structured Viva Examination (SVE) were given to 144 students of first andsecond year MBBS (2008), after they completed their professional examination. SVE feedback form wascategorized in the domains o f agree, disagree and neutral with five different statements.


Out of 144 students 140 responded. One hundred and thirteen out ofhundred and forty (80.71%)students agreed that the language of the cases was simple and easy to understand. One hundred and ten(78.57%) stated that the reading time of cases was adequate. One hundred and seven (76.42%) agreed thatthe time was adequately spaced between SVE stations. Hundred and one (72.14%) agreed that the examinationwas relevant with course content, while one hundred and two (72.85%) agreed that PBL in modules helpedin interpreting such cases in their annual examinations.


Educators need to explore newer assessment methods for better understanding of the healthsciences with relevance to common disease.


Knowledge, conventional, professional examination, Structured Viva Examination.

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