Knowledge, Attitude & Practices Towards Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Among Private Elementary School Teachers of Karachi, Pakistan

Nighat Mirza Mirza, Nighat Nisar, Zia Ikram


Objective: To determine knowledge, attitude and practices regarding Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder
(ADHD) among primary school teachers in Gulshan-e-hadeed Karachi.
Methods: Cross-sectional study conducted to detect ADHD, Semi-structured questionnaire was adopted by
Conner’s teacher’s rating scale (CTRS), administered to selected private elementary school teachers of Gulshane-
Hadeed. Data was collected in 2 steps. In first step the reaction of teachers for the first three questions was
observed, which was seen unsatisfactory, teachers were then taught about the ADHD, then data was collected
in second step .
Results: Knowledge, attitude and practices estimated. 94.7% showed positive knowlege and 5.3%showed Poor
knowlege towards ADHD. 96.2% teachers showed positive attitude, and 3.8%showed negative attitude towards,
ADHD, 66.3% teachers found to be performing good and 33.7% were performing unsatisfactory.
Conclusion: It can be concluded that the adequate knowledge, Positive attitude and good practice regarding
ADHD among primary school teachers play a significant role in prevention, detection and screening of these
children and prevent them from future consequences. Provision of information to Teachers regarding ADHD
prior to study would have an auspicious impact. Timely interventions can make difference in the educational
and social development of these children.


ADHD, Conner’s Teacher’s Rating scale (CTRS) awareness elementary school teachers, Karachi, Pakistan

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