Depression and Anxiety as Predictors of Perceived Quality of Life in Breast Cancer Survivors

Sadia Naz, Fatima Kamran


Objective: To investigate the impact of depression and anxiety levels on perceived quality of life (QoL) in breast cancer survivors (BCS) after one year of successful recovery from chemotherapy. Materials & Methods: A cross sectional research design was followed to study breast cancer survivors (N= 52) on follow-ups from government hospitals of Lahore over a period of two months. The purposive sampling strategy was used. The study also examined the demographic correlates of depression and anxiety among breast cancer survivors. Quality of life (QoL) was measured by using Quality of Life Index Cancer Version III. Depression and anxiety were measured by using Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale. Results: A significant negative correlation among depression and overall QoL (r= -.40**), health and functioning wellbeing (r= -.42**), psychological and spiritual wellbeing (r= -.32*), as well as negative association of anxiety with overall QoL (r= -.29*), and health and functioning wellbeing (r= -.35*), indicated that increased levels of anxiety and depression reduced patients’ QoL. The multiple regression analysis found depression and anxiety as significant predictors of overall QoL, health and functioning wellbeing and spiritual and psychological wellbeing. It implies that depression and anxiety seem to influence individual’s QoL. The hierarchical regression analysis for Sociodemographic factors, controlling the clinical factors, showed number of children (â= -.36*) and level of education (â= -.40*) as significant predictors of depression. Conclusion: Anxiety and depression appear to have a significant negative impact on the overall quality of life and psychological well being of breast cancer survivors. Regular follow ups need to focus on psychological issues that are critical in influencing both physical health and psychological well-being.


Quality of life, depression, anxiety, breast cancer survivors.

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